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Invenire Energy : An Upstream Oil & Gas Company

Focus on Sustainable Growth

Explore, Execute and Enhance

Initiatives, Innovations & Inquisitiveness

Responsible & Common Sense Practices

High Quality Asset Portfolio

Invenire has upstream oil and gas assets in South East Asia, Central Asia and East Africa. Invenire is well placed to access opportunities in the current market environment by leveraging:

  • Committed capital from its investors;
  • Customised-in-class technology to deliver projects;
  • Maximise hydrocarbon recoveries;
  • Expertise to fast track development and monetisation of resources;
  • Experience in maximising returns through capital and operating efficiency; and
  • Extensive network of our core investors across the emerging economies.

Our anchor investors have invested and successfully actualised returns across the oil and gas value chain in Upstream (Exploration through Development to Production Phase), Midstream, Downstream, Gas Distribution and Services.


Thinking Big, Acting Small

Cornerstone of Invenire’s success has been 'thinking big and acting small', allocating capital judiciously, building a healthy mix of ‘roofshot’ and ‘moonshot’ projects and using 'technology and talent' to de-risk business. Our turnaround stories are much beyond financial restructuring and often pivoted on technical initiatives.


Responsible Corporate Citizen

Invenire is deeply committed to safety, health and environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, Invenire strives for socio-economic and sustainable development in its area of operations. A unique initiative of Invenire has been setting up ‘green teams’ through engagement of host communities for each of the projects.