Invenire Energy wins producing fields in DSF II Round in India

30 Jan 2019

The bid submission process under Discovered Small Fields (DSF) Bid Round – II was successfully completed on January 30, 2019. The bidding under DSF bid round-II started on 9th August 2018, and 25 contract areas were on offer covering 59 discovered oil and gas fields, spread over 3,000 Sq. Kms with prospective resource base of over 190 MMT (O+OEG). Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) received 145 e-bids for 24 out of 25 contract areas under the DSF Bid Round-II by the deadline of 1200 Hours on 30th January 2019.

Out of the total 145 e-bids received, 103 e-bids were received for onland contract areas and 42 e- bids were received for offshore contract areas. As many as 39 companies (Individually or as member of the bidding consortium) have participated in the bid round. The response to the DSF Bid Round-II has been overwhelming as compared to the last round of DSF in 2016. Out of 25 contract areas on offer, 15 are onland and 10 are in shallow offshore areas. All the 15 onland contract areas received ebids while 9 out of 10 offshore contract areas have received e-bids. 6 foreign companies have also submitted the bids. This bid round saw more than anticipated participation from new entrants from India and foreign countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and UAE.


Details of the bids received under DSF Bid Round II

# Basin / Location Contract Area Name No. of Bids Received Name of Bidders
        1. Arch Softwares Private Limited

1   AA/ONDSF/Madhakali/2018 4 2. Arsh Corporate Services Private Limited
        4. Vedanta Limited
        1. Arch Softwares Private Limited
        2. Ganges Geo Resources Private Limited
        3. Gem Petro E&P Private Limited
        4. Goodview Trading Private Limited
  Assam Shelf / Assam    
  1. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (90%), Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Limited (10%);
  2. Invenire Energy Private Limited
2   AA/ONDSF/Umatara/2018 11 7. Murlidhar Infraprojects Private Limited
        8. Oil India Limited (60%), Bharat PetroResources Limited (20%), GAIL (India) Limited (20%);
        9. Oilmax Energy Private Limited
        10. Shanti G.D. Ispat and Power Pvt. Ltd. (19%), Bagadiya Brothers Private Limited (70%), Shanno Business India Private Limited (11%);
        11. Vedanta Limited

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